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RYOKO SUGAYA Pianist ChannelRYOKO SUGAYA Pianist Channel

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Since my debut recital in Fukuoka in 2007, I have been focusing on solo recitals. In particular, I have performed a vast number of Bach's works in the 'Bach Complete Works Series' for ten years in the wonderful acoustic space of my home ground, the 'Hidokei Hall'. This is the reason why Bach is known as the 'Father of Music', and I believe that performing Bach's complete works has been the most suitable guide for the training of my musical abilities as a performer. With the experience of playing Bach over a long period of time as a foundation, from 2022 I am taking on the works of Brahms, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt and the great masters of the Romantic period.
Furthermore, from 2024, towards the bicentenary of Beethoven's death in 2027, we will be working on the 'Beethoven: complete piano sonatas' (32 pieces in all), and plan to make a CD of all 32 pieces. In this way, the works I take up are becoming more diverse and the concerts are spreading not only to Fukuoka but also to Tokyo. She is now ready to spread her wings as a pianist on the world stage.
We hope you will listen to Ryoko Sugaya's performances and accompany her on her journey as a performer.


管谷怜子すがやりょうこ -

Born in Fukuoka City, Japan. Completed diploma course at Toho Gakuen School of Music.Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Letters (Aesthetics and Art History). Completed postgraduate studies at Toho Gakuen School of Music. Studied under the late world-renowned pianist Minoru Nojima.

In 2007, she gave a solo recital at the Fukuoka Bank Main Hall.
In July 2012, she began a series of concerts of the complete works of J.S. Bach for keyboard instruments at the Sundial Hill Hall, to be completed in 2024. She has given a series of solo recitals in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nasu, Sendai and Kumamoto.

In 2023, he will give solo recitals in Tokyo organised by the Japan Culture Salon in February, April and June, and in October he will make his Tokyo debut with a recital at Tokyo Hakuju Hall.
She is a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Art and Design, Kyushu University.

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